Electric skateboard truck is another imperative part of your board. There are still a lot of things you need to know before buying an electric skateboard. For the trucks, more wider, more stable, more narrower, more flexible. So, there is no surprise for you to always find that the trucks are larger than the board itself. Most truck size is from 150mm to 180mm at the market, which refers to the hanger measurement. You need just to know that even if two trucks of the same size won't always share the same size.

Baseplates create the angle of your truck to use the kingpin. Most electric skateboard trucks have an angle from 30 to 50 degrees. The hanger is another important part of your truck. You can find the axle, the pivot easily, and the bushing seat within the hangar. As usual, the engineer choose to use the cast, precision and forged to make the hangars. Cast being the weakest and forged being the strongest.

In this collection, we have collected the best electric skateboard trucks for you to choose from. No matter you want to replace the old ones or just for DIY work. Most of these trucks have motor mounts to fit on them. At last, I still cannot say which trucks are best. In fact, it depends on your personal situation, what aim you ride the electric skateboard for. The terrain, racing, feeling, road situations, or what.

Meepo :)