Hackers can't steal what hackers can't see

  • Encrypts your computer and mobile devices WiFi
  • Provides automatic anonymity for your internet browsing
  • Saves money on cell phone bills with data compression
  • Covers up to 3 devices for comprehensive protection
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Private WiFi

A “Privacy Please” sign for your wireless communications.

  • Public WiFi is not Secure

    Your email, website traffic and social media content are all exposed to prying eyes over a public WiFi network. 
  • Data Compression

    Save up to 50% on your mobile bandwidth usage with Private Wifi's data compressor.
  • Go Invisible

    PRIVATE WiFi™ encrypts everything you send and receive while using a public WiFi hotspot.
  • Browse Freely

    Browse the web securely from anywhere PRIVATE WiFi™ runs invisibly in the background—a small icon on your screen will let you know it’s working.
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