Electric skateboard motors are indispensable for building an electric skateboard. At the same time, the specifications of an electric skateboard hub motor are an important factor for us when we are going to buy an electric longboard. After all, it can affect your powerful performance, just like launch, hill climbing capabilities. So, you had better buy a high-performance hub motor on the market.

Hub motors play the role of the hub of the wheels. You can find all kinds of hub wheels on the market. Some are installed on the rear, some are on the front. And even some are both sides. When the hub motor starts to revolve, then the board moves. Even if hub motors only use sleeves as wheels, so, maybe there are not all kinds of wheels you can purchase. However, there is no need to worry about anything, you can still find the substitute sleeves online. A unique feature of hub motors is the ability to still kick-push your board normally if your batteries stop working. There are several kinds of motors you can find on the market, including hub motors, belt drive motors, belt drive motors. Of course, you can also find the direct drive and gear drive for the motors.

Before you need to buy an electric skateboard hub motor, you still need to know more about the specifications. For example, you will always find that the outrunner, hub motors, direct drives motors. Even if they are a little similar, you still need to know how to compare when you need to replace your parts, or for your DIY build. For the motor status, you need to pay attention to the size, KV ratings, Watts, Ampere, Voltage, and so on. Every motor specs will tell you what are these things that the motor supports. Apart from that, you still need to know: Some motors come with the sensor cable; some don’t. Every motor has the maximum current it can pull. If you have a high wattage motor, meaning it can handle a lot more voltage and/or ampere, and this in turns means it can be more torquey or go faster. Higher KV, the faster the motor spins. Therefore, you must attend these knowledgements before buying your skateboard motors.

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