Miranda Lambert calls out fan T-shirt amid selfie controversy: 'Shoot tequila, not selfies'


Miranda Lambert is not backing down on her selfie-stance — and she's taking note of fans who appear to be on her side.

The country singer reacted to an audience member's T-shirt while she performed after she abruptly halted her set to call out some fans for taking selfies during a recent show. The move has sparked controversy over whether fans should be able to snap self-facing pics during an artist's performance.

"Her shirt says 'shoot tequila not selfies,'" Lambert said in a video that a concert-goer posted on Instagram over the weekend.

The 39-year-old proceeded to grab a small bottle from the audience and took a swig before passing it on to her guitarist.

During a recent performance of her "Velvet Rodeo" Las Vegas residency at the Bakkt Theater, the country singer stopped singing to call out audience members on their behavior.

"These girls are worried about their selfies and not listening to the song, and it’s pissing me off a little bit," Lambert said, according to video of the performance posted Sunday. "I don’t like it, at all. We’re here to hear some country music tonight."

But Lambert didn’t let the moment get her down. "Shall we start again?" she asked the audience shortly after.

Miranda Lambert, pictured here in May 2023, is not backing down on her selfie-stance.
Miranda Lambert, pictured here in May 2023, is not backing down on her selfie-stance.

Miranda Lambert, Adele: Artists are clapping back at audience behavior

Lambert isn't the only singer who's taken aim at concert etiquette recently. Earlier this month, a fan-captured video of British singer Adele showed the soul-pop songstress sounding off on the recent trend of fans throwing objects at artists onstage.

"Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting show etiquette at the moment, throwing (things) onstage? Have you seen it?" Adele said, later joking, "I dare you, dare you to throw something at me."

And big names are weighing in on Lambert's stance, too.

Whoopi Goldberg took a stand − and an audience selfie − amid the debate over Miranda Lambert's decision to scold fans for photographing themselves at her concert.

Goldberg's opinion on the matter was clear from the start as she gave an eye-roll while saying on Thursday's episode of "The View" that "people online are split about this," referring to Lambert chastising concertgoers.

"If they paid money for the tickets, they came to see her," Goldberg said, adding that people should have "at least a little respect" while the artist is singing.

What concert behavior says about us: Lil Nas X almost hit by sex toy. Bebe Rexha hit by phone.

Bebe Rexha and more have faced attacks from fans while performing

Artists have faced attacks from fans in recent weeks. Last month, a man was charged with assault after hitting pop singer Bebe Rexha with a phone. Similarly, an audience member slapped dance-pop singer Ava Max at a concert in June and scratched the inside of her eye. Elsewhere, someone recently threw a bracelet at Kelsea Ballerini and a bag of ashes at Pink.

Experts say this behavior likely stems from the blurring of online and real-life boundaries, leaving fans clamoring for viral moments with their favorite artists.

"The disregard for personal space and the willingness to inflict harm indicates a significant breakdown in empathy and understanding," licensed psychologist Nathan Brandon told USA TODAY last month. "It is important to ask questions about why these attacks are happening and what underlying causes or motivations may be leading people to act out in this way."

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