Kevin Costner's estranged wife Christine soaks up sun in Hawaii with family friend as divorce proceedings loom

(Photos: TK)
Christine Costner is enjoying a getaway in Hawaii as her bitter divorce from Oscar winner Kevin Costner plays out. (Photos: Getty Images)

Christine Costner continues to recharge in Hawaii amid her high-profile divorce from Kevin Costner.

New photos of the former handbag designer, who has less than a week to vacate the Carpinteria, Calif., beachfront compound she shared with her husband of 18 years, have surfaced. In them, she's seen soaking up the sun with a man identified as Costner family friend Josh Connor.

The striped bikini-clad Christine was snapped relaxing in a lounger, chatting with Connor in photos published by She was all smiles as she chatted and laughed with him, seemingly relaxed and carefree.

These are the latest in a series of photos of Christine enjoying her Big Island getaway. Late last week, she was first photographed walking the grounds of her posh resort with Connor, who has been described in the media as a financier who resides in the same Santa Barbara-area community as the Costners. She was also captured, in a floral bikini,taking beach selfies with daughter Grace, 13. (Her sons Cayden, 16, and Hayes, 14, are also reportedly on the trip.) But the last few days it's been a stream of photos of Christine and Connor sunning themselves, sometimes accompanied by another female.

The tabs have been digging into Connor's background — in case he's a potential new mate for the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Costner — and he's reportedly friendly with both Kevin and Christine. He's been described as one of The Bodyguard stars's golf buddies, but also a "confidante" of Christine's. A father of three, Connor's reportedly recently divorced, has his own investment firm and drives a Ferrari.

The vacation comes amid Christine's headline-making divorce from Kevin. Last week, she was awarded $129,000 per month in temporary child support from the Yellowstone actor. She had been seeking $248,000, saying her kids are used to a certain lifestyle, including trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean several times a year. He offered $51,940, claiming Christine's demands are so high because she spends so much on plastic surgery.

While the support was largely a win for Christine, she does have to vacate the family compound, which she estimated to be worth $100 million, by July 31 — giving her less than a week to pack up and move into new digs. That isn't ideal for her — as she initially suggested they share the large property while the divorce was being worked out and then later suggested an Aug. 31 move date. However, the couple's prenup stated she had 30 days to vacate the property if a divorce was initiated — and he has forked over $1 million plus already to make that happen.

The move has been a challenging process because the estranged pair have been fighting over who gets various pots, pans and a Peloton bike. The judge's order limited Christine to take her toiletries, clothing, handbags and jewelry, but not "any other items of property including, but not limited to, furniture, furnishings, appliances and artwork" for now.

Christine and Kevin's attorneys were next supposed to face off — over his request to have her pay his legal fees, so far around $100,000 — on Aug. 2. However, that hearing appears to have been canceled. Next on the schedule is a Nov. 22 case management conference. On Nov. 27, they are expected to have a trial to determine the validity of their prenup.

Kevin, who left his much-celebrated role in Yellowstone in the show's final season, married second wife Christine (née Baumgartner) in 2004. She filed for divorce on May 1, listing their separation date as April 11. Kevin, a father of seven, has said he didn't want to divorce, and accused Christine, in court papers, of "planning her exit long before" their actual split.