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We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
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You want a massive influx of sales starting today? Google Ads are the best way to go…

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of…

“We tried Google Ads, it didn’t work for us”

Well, the harsh truth is if someone says this, it means they did their Google Ads the wrong way.

Google Ads are one of the most effective ways of generating high-quality leads and chart-breaking sales - all of which can be on autopilot.

No matter if you are a new business looking for your first clients, or an established Enterprise looking to turn into an international-sales-machine - Google Ads is the best option.

Still don’t believe us? Here’s some jaw-dropping statistics about the sheer power that Google Ads have…

  • Your users are 50% more likely to make a purchase after they click on one of your ads
  • Online ads can increase your brand awareness by 80%
  • 65% of all SME’s are running a PPC campaign
  • 35% of your users will purchase your product or service within 5 days of searching for it on Google

But while Google Ads are effective, they are only effective when executed the right way.

First Page First Page

Turn a $1 investment into a $10 return with a data-driven Google Ads strategy. We know how!

The truth is that most agencies have little to no idea how to execute an efficient Google Ads strategy.

But here at First Page, we have spent the last decade helping thousands of companies scale their ads, grow their business, and explode their sales.

Our experience is unmatched, and is why we can deliver you a mind-bending ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

In fact, we have so much experience that we don’t look at Google Ads as an ad platform; we look at it as a money-printing machine that will catapult your business to the next stratosphere.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level with Google Ads that actually convert - click the button below to set up a call with one of our Digital Strategists.

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are saying

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Michelle has applied her analytical abilities in managing our Google ad-words account to great benefit. Her insights and research have been invaluable in shaping our advertising strategy. We offer this endorsement of her skills without reservation.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Heather, has proved to be very professional in setting up and running my ads on Facebook and Google. I received a lot of input even before signing an agreement. I am happy to be working with the team at First Page!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page is a transparent and results-oriented SEO agency. They've helped us move up the Google search ladder over the last few months very effectively. Great company and highly recommended!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I received a lot of help from First Page - especially with Facebook ads. Lars helped me to focus on the right things and not put everything in the same basket. Thank you Lars for your availability and professionalism.
Genevieve Rouleau
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
It has been a pleasure working with First Page. They are professional and truly passionate about what they do. We have been very happy with the service they provide.
Beverly Law
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
My firm engaged First Page for Google Adwords and SEO and we're over the moon with the results! We've seen a substantial increase in inbound leads and as a result we've hired two more team members to handle the demand. Very happy to recommend First Page to other businesses.
Susan Wu

Other Google Ads services offered by First Page

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In the extremely competitive car rental industry, data driven search campaigns maximise conversions and minimise wastage.

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Digital Strategist FAQs

Google Ads is one of the most popular forms of paid advertising. Google Ads gives you the ability to promote your products and services on Google, Youtube and other major platforms.

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to boost your online traffic and sales. Studies show that your customers are 50% more likely to buy your products after they click on your ads.

This is a HUGE online advantage!!

Whilst savvy Google Ads management delivers unbeatable online performance, it’s not always easy to implement.

Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model which requires you to bid for specific keywords. You’ll be competing against others in the industry with similar advertising.

Working with a digital marketing agency like First Page gives you the expertise you need to get ahead of your competitors.

Our team delivers decades of search engine experience. We know how to plan a Google Ads campaign from end to end. From in-depth research to sizzling creative, there’s simply no better Google Ads agency in Australia!!

2.3 million searches are performed on Google every second. What does it take to tap into this insane amount of traffic? The answer is a great Google Ads campaign!!

It’s important to work with an experienced Google Ads agency like First Page because we offer a unique range of tools and techniques. We don’t waste your time with guesswork - but instead offer a laser-targeted campaign that reaches your target audience fast.

We undertake exhaustive keyword research to learn who’s searching for your products and how they’re using search engines. It’s how we gain the attention of serious shoppers with real buyer intent - before funnelling this traffic straight to your site.

Using carefully selected keywords means each search by your target audience is an opportunity to connect them to your products. The result is skyrocketing visibility, traffic, and (most importantly) sales!

Working with a Google advertising agency enables you to target your demographic, control your ad spend and measure campaign success - all with pinpoint precision. This is the reason why you’ll gain real results and an ROI that eclipses other digital marketing methods!!

When you need dependable sales gains FAST - then there’s no better strategy than a Google Ads campaign from First Page.

There are three key types of Google Ads:

  • Search Network Campaigns
    • Usually in text format, these ads appear on search engine results pages when a user searches for a product or service similar to yours.
  • Display Network Campaign
    • Often in the form of an eye-catching image that appears on the websites your target audience visits.
  • Video campaigns
    • Short, engaging videos that play before or during targeted Youtube content.

Other types of Google Ads campaigns include Shopping Campaigns and App Campaigns. Selecting the right type of Google Ads campaign is a question of what content appeals most to your audience.

For more information on different types of Google Ads campaigns, we recommend you contact our advertising experts. We’ll help you see understand how much our services could benefit your business.

Google Ads do not have a fixed cost. Instead, you’ll use a bidding system based on your keywords, region and industry.

The cost of your Google Ads bid corresponds with the amount you’re willing to pay for clicks on your ad. Selecting the appropriate Google ads bidding strategy that suits your campaign and your business is essential.

Whether you’re focusing on clicks, impressions, or conversions - you can choose from various types of bidding options, including Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost-per-mille (CPM), that best suit business goals.

It’s not always easy. But when you work with First Page, we make Google Ads bidding a breeze!! We’ll handle the process end to end, using our experience the deliver the best ROI in the business.

The cost of Google Ads is based on your budget. There is no minimum spend and you only pay when users click on your ad. This makes Google Ads perfect for businesses of any size - because you’ll always be in control of your Google Ads budget and ad spend.

Google Ads usually cost $1-$2 per click. But this will be higher if you’re in a competitive industry. The key is to fine-tune your strategy and execution.

Precision targeting of your audience with carefully researched keywords maximises your ROI because you directly reaching the customers with the highest likelihood of purchasing.

A great Google Ads campaign will precisely target uses with serious buyer intent. The result? You leave your competition in the dust!!

A well-managed Google ads campaign will start with a clear plan and thorough research.

Before beginning your Google Ads campaign, it’s important to set a realistic budget and clear KPIs to measure your success. Deciding on these two factors will allow you to calculate your ROI and see the real benefit of your campaign.

At First Page, our Google Ads management is designed to deliver serious sales fast!! When you’re looking for unrivalled visibility and a real shot at online sales success, there’s simply no better digital marketing strategy.

We welcome you to contact our Google Ads experts today to begin a conversation about the future success of your business!!

Professional Google Ads management is one of the most intelligent ways to invest in your business. An experienced Google Ads agency will offer a selection of specialist strategies that will introduce your brand to target audiences you never thought possible.

Any leading Google Ads agency will offer Google Ads management as part of their package of services. The result of having your ads managed by a team of experts will be a fully optimised campaign and a rapidly rising ROI.

We believe it’s not simply enough to offer some good creative or insightful analysis. At First Page, we’re all about delivering Google Ads management solutions that 100% optimise your campaign - establishing you a standout online presence and a serious industry contender.

In recent years, many advertising agencies are making the shift to Google Ads agencies.

A Google advertising agency will bring many of the traditional skillsets of the industry, such as creative, strategy, media planning and account management - and transfer them to the digital advertising arena.

Working closely with a Google Ads agency will offer your business the opportunity to optimise your approach to paid advertising and search engine success. The results can be unrivalled visibility and a proven way to connect with millions of customers.

A top Google Ads agency like First Page can get results because we target your advertising better than anyone else. We know how to reach customers who are at the purchase point right now - and actively looking to buy.

Why waste your ad spend on old fashioned agencies who don’t understand digital? You business deserves a serious Google Ads management strategy. And we’re in young, digital-first team that can deliver the goods.

Bringing a serious and well-structured approach to Google Ads management leaves nothing to chance. Instead, you benefit from a tailored set of tools that Google advertising agencies have established over years of research and development.

So what does this mean for your business? If you work to develop a strong Google Ads management strategy, you can expect to experience a serious shift in traffic, clicks and conversions - FAST!

Here’s the BIG benefit of working with First Page. We’ve spent decades in the digital marketing space, refining a series of strategies that boost organic traffic better than anyone else!!

A Google Advertising agency takes a focussed approach to PPC advertising. These agencies specialise in Google Ads and offer a unique team of collaborative digital specialists. They work together to deliver the most successful and profitable campaigns for their clients. If they’re serious about your success, a Google Advertising agency will offer a rigorous approach to Google Ads management. This holistic strategy allows your campaign to be carefully optimised by a team of experienced professionals.

This will include a dedicated account manager who can deliver real Google Ads expertise, a range of SEO technicians and media specialists to optimise the approach of your campaign, and content producers who can create insanely eye-catching ad copy.

When you’re ready to take you business to the next level and start seriously dominating your niche, a Google Advertising agency will show you how. First Page is only choice when you need a dedicated team of digital professionals. We understand your needs and work tirelessly to achieve the serious search engine success you deserve!

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