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At First Page, we believe your business is a unique achievement. What you do deserves to be seen by the world - and that means absolutely dominating Google for your industry.

In today’s digital economy, you MUST build an attention-grabbing online presence that sets you apart from your competition... First Page is all about delivering the visibility you deserve! We’re the game-changing SEO agency that specialises in driving an obscene amount of traffic to your website.

Why risk your business and livelihood by outsourcing your SEO to an agency that outsources to a developing country.

First Page First Page

Why risk your business and livelihood by outsourcing your SEO to an agency that outsources to a developing country.

99% of the seo companies in Australia compromise on quality by outsourcing to third world countries. We just don’t get it. We should be called the SEO agency clean-up crew, because time and time again, we are cleaning up the mess when a third party has outsourced overseas. The whole process ends up costing the business more money and time to reverse the problem. Plus think of the opportunity cost!

We take pride in keeping everything in-house and we would never jeopardise your business by cutting corners. So why risk your business, your income, your livelihood with an seo agency who cuts corners.

Our Recent Work JustLogin

With the launch of their new website, they engaged First Page to take over from their existing SEO agency. We completely transformed their SEO strategy and blew their competition out of the water, here are the results:

First Page
increase in organic traffic in just 6 months
Our Recent Work JustLogin

With the launch of their new website, they engaged First Page to take over from their existing SEO agency. We completely transformed their SEO strategy and blew their competition out of the water, here are the results:

increase in organic traffic in just 6 months

Get more leads and sales than your business can handle with insanely good SEO.

First Page First Page

Get more leads and sales than your business can handle with insanely good SEO.

The details are in the data and that’s why we are obsessed with data when making decisions that directly impact your SEO strategy and your business. Just a slight tweak to your SEO strategy can dramatically impact the way of your website ranks and displays in the search results.

This is pretty crazy, but we have the ability to predict Google algorithm updates due to custom built, in-house proprietary tech - SENTR. What does this mean for you? Imagine the possibilities if you could predict the future. With the huge amount of data SENTR processes, we have the ability to prepare and capitalise on future algorithmic updates. We’re always one step ahead, that’s why we provide the best SEO services in Australia.

First Page
Generated over $3.8+ billion
in sales for our clients
First Page
500+ Google reviews globally
with a 4.9/5 rating
First Page
Won 14 digital awards
and counting
First Page First Page

Play the SEO game better than your competition, otherwise you’ll be left behind.

The reality is, whoever doubles down on their SEO will win in the end. What do I mean by win? Well, winning is absolutely dominating Google for your industry. Extreme brand domination will drive traffic, leads & sales which directly impacts your revenue and your back pocket.

Keep this in mind, 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted every day. The top 5 organic search results receive 68% of these clicks.

The real question is - can you afford NOT to be on the first page of Google?

We work with great
brands of all sizes

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes

12 signs your SEO
agency is making major mistakes

We’ll get straight to the point, if your current seo company isn’t meeting your expectations, it could be time to jump ship. But if you’re unsure, here are 12 possible signs that your current seo agency may not be right for your business.

Is your SEO agency refusing to support their SEO services with performance milestones? The simple reason is, if they did - they would then need to be accountable for results. Crazy right!

Instead, they make excuses for their poor performance. They might say “trust us” or “please be patient” while they search for solutions. But can you really depend upon an SEO agency that doesn’t have the confidence to back itself?

If you run a successful business, then we doubt you're in the habit of paying for services you're not actually receiving. KPI’s and clear targets are VITAL as they ensure you get the level of service you deserve.

First Page offers unbeatable performance guarantees every step of the way. We commit to key milestones, explain our progress, and talk through our results in detail. And if there’s ever a time we don’t deliver - you won’t pay until we do.

There’s a reason why First Page takes this approach. We believe in the potential of your business to succeed and our ability to deliver exponential SEO and growth for your business.

Google uses a simple recipe when it comes to cooking up spicy backlinks…E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. The question is - what is your current seo agency delivering?

The way Google ranks websites and decides which factors to incentivise is always changing. This information remains top secret. But some golden rules consistently serve up great results!

Links from expert, authoritative and trusted sources are considered a valuable resource and help your website to rank higher.

We see so many SEO services promising backlinks that will boost your search rankings. But the truth is, these links aren’t what they appear...

Look closer, and you’ll see they don’t follow the E-A-T process. They’re from spammy websites, shady businesses, and irrelevant industries - making their contribution to your site meaningless.

It’s all about quality, not quantity, and at First Page - that’s exactly what we deliver!!

We specialise in local links from relevant industries and influential sources. We seamlessly blend these backlinks into premium copy and long-form content that will captivate your target audience.

It’s a 5-star service that delivers insanely strong results!!

Avoid SEO agencies that use cheap, lazy tactics by stuffing keywords into existing content. Content needs to flow! Google wants to find and rank the best, informative websites. Why? It provides a better experience for the Googler.

Search engine algorithms are constantly crawling for the highest quality content. Well-crafted web pages from authoritative sources score highest and gain the most attention.

Blogs and websites that provide real benefit to your audience and communicate valuable information. Your copy MUST be original, unique and authoritative!!

Most SEO agencies DO NOT do this!! We’ve all seen terrible, keyword stuffing web copy that has only been written to target keywords. This content is often outsourced overseas to save money - and it shows. It’s depressing to read and damaging to your brand.

At First Page, we’re home to an in-house team of talented content writers. We pride ourselves on quality copy that’s both optimised and engaging.

We take the time to learn who you are and what you do. We then deliver personalised content that builds on the offerings of your business. We don’t outsource - meaning we can promise premium copywriting that really tells your story.

Simple SEO copywriting is dead. Today, it’s about generating long-form articles and multi-media content that achieves serious social media shares and organic traffic. The truth is that every online business is in the content game.

So ask yourself, is your current seo company giving you the winning formula?

Whether you’re a small family business or international eCommerce platform - it’s essential your seo agency is driving high quality traffic to your website. If your website traffic is growing, but your sales are not, there’s a real issue.

Driving traffic is one thing, but your seo agency must understand your objectives and ideal buying personas to really achieve exceptional results.

If you’re not connecting with your target audience online then it’s time to talk to First Page. We don’t make excuses, we commit to connecting you to your desired customer.

Second rate schema markup actively harms your site. Most seo companies provide generic schema or substandard coding. Google simply won’t accept this, meaning you won’t see the growth or visibility you need.

Google actively rewards websites that are designed around SEO best practice. Schema markup is code that tells Google exactly what your business is, in language the algorithms can understand.

Our technical SEO optimisation will tell Google the content of your webpage. It also provides data that can be included in your rich snippets, such as new product launches, new content, and upcoming events. Your snippets will pop on search pages - and this means serious CTR!!

Run a speed test on your website. If it’s slow and you’re current seo company hasn’t tried to fix it, immediately jump overboard and swim for your life. Real SEO gurus will tell you that the speed of your site directly impacts your visibility on Google.

Just 15% of websites load at Google’s recommended speed. A loading time of even an extra few seconds increases costs and decrease sales.

In Feb 2021, Google updated its core website vitals, and speed has become one of the most important ranking factors.

Is there a new competitor in your industry who has come from nowhere and is now beating you on Google? You’re probably thinking, how is that possible! I’m doing seo, I’ve been in business longer, I should be dominating.

Remember, SEO requires work. Those who invest time and money into quality SEO will win. So if you’re paying an SEO agency a monthly retainer and you’re seeing very little results, I would question why. What exactly are you paying for? How are they investing your management fee? Ask the questions and the truth will come out.

A good SEO campaign will usually take 2-6 months to produce their best results. But many seo agencies will hide behind the excuse “seo is a long term strategy, you won’t see results for 12 months”. That’s just “BS”.

Depending on the search term, you can achieve some quick wins with in-depth Google My Business Optimisation, long term search terms & powerful Schema Markup. Always take advantage of the low hanging fruit!

At First Page, you can track your campaign day or night, with our online reporting dashboard that has all the essential stats to make informed decisions. Google never sleeps, so we can’t either.

Do you feel your current seo company doesn’t understand your business? No matter how hard you try, they just don’t get it. They just don’t understand you or your vision for the business. Does this sound familiar? Most likely they’re taking a cookie cutter approach to SEO.

The First Page performs a thorough onboarding session to completely understand your business, your objectives and to ensure there is 100% goal alignment. Think of First Page as your new in-house digital marketing team.

Our SEO campaigns are all about delivering actual, observable benefits for your business. We’re here to grow your revenue!

In the SEO world, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll be surprised in this day and age, how many SEO companies still deliver crappy, substandard SEO.

Whether it’s our unique approach to SEO or exceptional social media strategy - there’s a reason why First Page is known as one of the most creative agencies in APAC.

Our commitment to quality means we’re constantly innovating. We show up with energy and commitment every day - which translates to more leads & sales than your business can possibly handle.

If your current agency is bland, beige and full of jargon, then it’s time to reach out to First Page - a creative SEO agency!!

Do you struggle to get hold of your digital account manager? Do they take days to respond to your emails? Sound familiar? I bet when there is an outstanding payment they’re chasing you like a pack of wolves.

Unfortunately many seo companies in Australia and even the world look for shortcuts to financial success rather than playing the long game. They would rather burn a customer for a few extra bucks now, than have that same customer on the books for years and years. It’s stupidity at its best!

SEO is a complex process and if it’s implemented poorly, a number of things can go wrong. We’ve seen seo agencies break websites, add content in the wrong places, delete pages and a whole lot more. It’s crucial that if you require assistance or advice, you get the immediate technical support, day or night.

When you hire an SEO agency, you want to feel you’re supported every step of the way. First Page has technical help on hand, in Australia when you need it most.

In addition to a dedicated digital marketing SEO specialist who’ll be your regular point of contact, our technical specialists understand SEO inside out. They’ll provide dependable, professional support at all times.

Claim your 100% free REVENUE GROWTH strategy session with an experienced digital strategist valued at $2000.

We outline bulletproof tactics that dramatically increase website traffic and revenue, even during tough economic times.

Hurry! Limited spots available.

Get my free revenue growth session

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) FAQ’s

First Page is the fastest growing agency in APAC, servicing a roster of global brands including Microsoft, Cathay Pacific and Rolls Royce. In saying that, we work with brands of all shapes & sizes.

First Page is built with smart, savvy and driven talent - we’re the next generation of digital marketers and SEO specialists.

So, what does this mean for you and your business?

It demonstrates we have what it takes to help you succeed online. We have the PROVEN expertise to deliver unrivalled growth and an avalanche of traffic!!

And because we trust our abilities, we offer GUARANTEED results. If this sounds like a rare opportunity, that’s because it is. The truth is that so few agencies in Australia can deliver SEO at the level we do.

If you’re starting to realise that your current agency isn’t living up to expectations, then perhaps it’s time to speak with us. Our team of SEO gurus are always available to begin a conversation about making the switch to First Page.

There’s a reason why eCommerce businesses highly recommend our SEO services...

We’ve spent years talking to the owners of online stores and listening to their stories. Then, we developed a suite of eCommerce SEO services based on this in-depth understanding.

We have extensive experience with Shopify, Magento, BigCOmmerce, WooCommerce and more. We’re an seo agency with serious SEO prowess.

Simply reach out to our digital marketing specialists! Our FREE onsite SEO audit is just the beginning of our relationship. We want to start with a clear understanding of where you are now and where you could be in the future.

We have a variety of performance milestone options with our most popular being the traffic guarantee.

Our traffic guarantees are tailored to your business and how many visitors we can drive to your site. And if there’s ever a time that we don’t meet these targets - we’ll work for free until we do.

Most digital marketing agencies make the excuse that SEO takes a long time to deliver results. The truth is that any good digital marketing agency will offer a selection of strategies.

If you need serious traffic fast, First Page can deliver!!

We commit to working with targets so we’re aligned with your business goals.

We’re a global agency that can produce global results in multiple languages. We offer International SEO services designed to introduce your business to the world stage. Using our data-driven approach, we research your clients, competition and keywords. Then, we use this insight to create a personalised SEO campaign and library of quality content.

The result is exponential increases in traffic, leads, and sales. Over and over, we watch the skyrocketing search rankings of our clients. It’s a pleasure to see hard-working businesses make it big - and we’re proud that our International SEO agency services can deliver this global visibility.

Let's find out! SEO is not for everyone and anyone who tells you otherwise, is just trying to sell you. Best to reach out to one of our in-house SEO specialists so we can discuss options. It’s important that any digital strategy is aligned with your business objectives.

Most SEO companies will outsource your copy to cheap writers with no experience. This literally breaks our heart. All of the effort you’ve put into developing your brand will be for nothing because it’s not being communicated with quality content.

First Page is home to an in-house team of professional content creators. We specialise in original, high-quality copywriting and content for some of the world’s leading brands.

We love connecting our creative team to new businesses because the results are so exciting!! We take the time to understand your brand before amplifying your message with sharp and snappy web copy and blogs.

This content is built around your target keywords to further increase your rankings. We achieve an insane amount of views, clicks and traffic!!

It’s rare to find great content online. But it's even more special to find a team who can actually present your brand in an interesting and entertaining way - and ALSO boost your SEO. It’s a serious double-whammy that does wonders for our clients!!

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to yours. It’s one of the most effective strategies to boost your authority and explode your Google rankings!!

We want to establish you as an expert in your industry and position you alongside other leaders in the community. And how do we achieve this? By ONLY using quality backlinks.

This can’t be said for other agencies. Time and again, we see quantity over quality. It might look good on the surface, but peer under the hood and you’ll discover you’re ACTUALLY receiving terrible links with zero authority.

First Page is home to a dedicated team of link building masters. They use their networks to connect with influential industry figures who will supply you with quality links to your website. This is what a serious link building strategy looks like.

When you need an SEO agency that only uses quality backlinks and really cares about quality, then it’s time to make the switch to First Page.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. All seo work is performed locally in Australia. We would never risk your business and your back pocket by outsourcing SEO.

Because we care about your ROI, our team closely generates a comprehensive range of metrics. You can even track your campaign through SENTR - an online reporting platform we created to map your progress.

SENTR is an intuitive online portal where you’ll find all of the resources you need to monitor your campaign. We provide access to live links and reporting which is backed by Google Analytics and Google Search Console. All of this data is combined into one simple and easy to read report.

At First Page, we guarantee results. We believe there’s never been a more important time to support Australian businesses.

SEO will help you attract more customers than ever before. It’s all about connecting you to your customers and communicating what you do best. It’s the most precise and targeted way to reach your existing audience - plus new and emerging demographics.

Search engine success means connecting with your customers and driving major organic traffic. This is your shot at serious sales!!

We’re confident in our ability to boost your search results rankings and drive traffic to your website. Not many SEO agencies offer this level of assurance.

But because we’re backed by years of industry experience and the best young minds in digital marketing, we’re not afraid to commit outstanding performance.

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