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We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
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YouTube ads are highly targeted and extremely cost-effective

If you are looking to explode growth for your business, there are few platforms that are as cost-effective, and scalable as YouTube.


The reason is simple - YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and is owned by Google, the world’s largest search engine.

This means that you can create sophisticated ads that are highly targeted, and reach your exact customer base - no matter where they are in the world.

YouTube ads allow you to target based on many things, some of which include…

  • Demographics
  • Specific areas of interest
  • Recent life events

Additionally, you can also target your ads to similar/lookalike audiences, in-market audiences, as well as remarket to users who have already seen or engaged with your ads.

These targeting features are why YouTube ads are so powerful, and one of the most underrated digital advertising platforms on the planet.

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Start running YouTube Ads that deliver 8x’s ROI with First Page

When it comes to YouTube ads, we’re kind of a big deal.

Over the past 10 years our agency has exploded our client’s business with highly targeted ads that are designed for clicks and conversions.

And we are ready to do the exact same for you.

YouTube ads are extremely powerful, but only when done the right way. Running YouTube ads without proper knowledge and experience is basically the same thing as setting your money on fire. You need an agency who has run the right experiments and has the right network to successfully start, and run, an ads campaign.

Our team of YouTube-ad-ninjas are on standby. Call us now to secure a free strategy session with one of our team members, so we can show you our plan for growth for your business.

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Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
After meeting different SEO agents, First Page is still our go-to agency. Their Senior Digital Strategist, Angela provided us with a lot of insights and recommendations for our company. Very satisfied with their friendly yet professional service. Highly recommend!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
If you are looking for a competent SEO company, I would highly recommend First Page. Jim and Derek have been quite understanding in finding out our business's needs. Our rankings have improved significantly!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Shirlyn has been very dedicated and helpful in our SEO campaign. Apart from understanding our business needs, they boosted our SEO ranking significantly. Their team was willing to go the extra mile in promoting and updating us on suggestions to further improve our online image.
Liew Youxun
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page has done a fantastic job with our SEO campaign. Their team are great at what they do and have been thorough in ensuring that our keywords are fully optimised to yield Page 1 results.
Insworld Institute
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Gary has been very helpful in our SEO campaign since day 1. He never fails to constantly update us on our progress and provide resolutions. He definitely deserves 10 stars instead of 5 stars! Good job Gary!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Cherlyn has been my Digital Campaign Manager for almost 3 years. She is responsive and knowledgeable about digital strategies. Considering my industry is highly competitive online, I have seen the amount of hard work she and her team have put into improving my website traffic.

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Social Media Specialiast FAQs

YouTube ads appear on the YouTube homepage, before, after and during a video, or search results.

YouTube Ads are created through Google Adwords. After you create your video and upload it to Google Adwords, you can select the targeted demographic and ad placement. You then bid to display your ad based on your budget. Once someone watches your ad, you pay. All activity and analytics can be viewed on Google Adwords.

With over 1 billion views per day, the first and foremost benefit of YouTube advertising is access to a vast audience. Using the Google Adwords system, YouTube ads can also allow for your audience's granular targeting based on their interests, demographics, and customer matches. In addition to being cost-effective, YouTube advertising metrics are easily measured and lets you create actionable insights.

With such a broad reach of targeted customers, YouTube advertising can be an excellent method for small and enterprise businesses. The visual and engaging nature of YouTube ads can help build brand awareness and influence the customer purchase journey – a shoo-in for any B2B or B2C company.

The different types of YouTube ads include non-skippable in-stream ads, TrueView ads, and non-video ads such as banners and overlays. TrueView ads are divided into in-stream ads, which can appear during a video, and video discovery ads appear on the search results page. You can add call-to-action that help drive conversions for your business.

You simply need to create an account on Google Adwords and link it to your YouTube account. Once you have a video you'd like to promote, you can select your targeting options such as demographics, keywords, and upload. If you'd like some help with your YouTube ad strategy, contact our digital marketing specialists today.

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