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You absolutely should wash your feet in the shower — these scrubbers get the job done

You absolutely should wash your feet in the shower — these scrubbers get the job done

There was recently a great debate on Today with Hoda and Jenna where Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager weighed in on whether or not you should wash your feet in the shower. They asserted that they don't bother because "everything's rolling down there anyway." While their rationale is understandable (sort of), experts agree on one simple fact: feet are dead skin and bacteria breeding grounds.

Letting the water and soap 'roll down there' is nowhere near effective enough to fully wash and exfoliate skin, let alone slough away calloused skin on our feet. "Keeping your feet clean is an important way to prevent potential foot issues, including nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and corns. Keep toenails trimmed, and don’t forget to clean and dry in between the toes," explains Dr. Bradford Tipton, podiatry and diabetic wound care specialist. It's incredibly important for diabetics to not only keep their feet clean but to regularly check for wounds on their feet.

Here at AOL, we are absolutely clean-feet advocates, and not just passive-style cleaning, where we let waterfalls of soap and water do the job for us. We like full-force scrubbing to keep those dogs from barking, so we went on a quest to find the products that would make it easier to treat our feet to a good scrub.

We also understand that mobility, health conditions, and even time constraints can make it difficult for some to wash their feet properly in the shower. Taking all that into consideration, we tasked our research team (myself included) with testing multiple types and styles of foot scrubbers (for use both in the shower and out). Keep reading to learn about our faves, the ones that left our heels and toes squeaky clean and silky smooth.

Our testers not only loved the Meidong Silicone Shower Foot Scrubber, but it's also been a personal favorite of mine for over two years. Even my 11-year-old son loves it. The silicon bristles are gentle yet effective and offer a massaging effect while cleaning your feet. It's also important to note this foot scrubber offers a much safer cleaning experience than plastic bristle foot scrubbers that can scratch and injure skin. Another feature that sets this apart from many of the others we tested is the top brush, which allows for both sides to be cleaned simultaneously. I also found the suction cups on the bottom to be the most powerful of all products I tested, offering more safety and stability to its users. 

$16 at Amazon

The Fresh Feet Foot Scrubber With Pumice Stone won top marks with our testers. The bottom of the scrubber has suction cups that help keep it in place while you stand and gently rub your feet back and forth over hundreds of tiny scrubbers. The side wings offer extra support and stability that many of the other products we tested lacked. We also loved that it pulled up relatively easily for rinsing after use and hanging to dry. While the Fresh Feet scrubber does a great job on the sides and bottom of your tootsies, it does not wash the tops without creative twisting and turning on your part. We also want to mention that while the pumice stone at the base is a nice touch, if you rub your heel or another part of your foot too aggressively, the stone will break off.

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This extra long two-and-a-half foot wand is aces for cleaning the tops of your feet and in between toes, and with a little twisting and turning, the bottoms of your feet too. The extra large pumice stone is a great addition that helps exfoliate away dead skin on the heels and bottom of feet. One of our testers said the pumice stone "scrubbed away layers of dry skin" without breaking free from the wand or breaking into pieces. We also like the built-in hook for easy hanging after use. Its ergonomic design make it a great option for those with mobility, stability or flexibility concerns. 

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The Soft Touch Mask comes with two plastic booties filled with an exfoliating gel that soaks into dry, cracked, callused feet. You will leave the booties on for about an hour and within a week or two, your skin will begin to peel off, revealing soft, smooth uncracked heels. One of our testers said, "Your skin literally sheds, and while it's amazing, it's also really disgusting." I 100% have to agree with how effective yet disgusting the process is. If you know what you're getting into and are okay with the sight of copious dead skin, these are well worth your time and money! 

$11 at Amazon

If you've ever had a pedicure, you know how effective foot files can be. These can be used in the shower and are a great alternative to foot peels since all it takes is a few strokes of one of these files to remove layers of dry, cracked, bacteria-ridden skin in minutes. This kit offers three file sizes and boasts over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Having tried both foot peels and files, I reach for my file before a peel. It's easy to use, much less messy, and incredibly effective on the gnarliest skin.

$10 at Amazon

Offering a long curved handle, soft bristles on one side, and loofa sponge on the other, this scrubber is perfect for people with sensitive skin and diabetics prone to foot injuries. The soft bristles gently clean in between the toes and cracks on the heels, while the gentle loofah offers an all-over clean for both tops and bottom of the feet. And at under $10, it's a steal! 

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