ESC is the core part of your electric skateboards. Some customers purchase it to replace the old broken parts, others purchase it for upgrades. It is related to the electric skateboard motor , and it effects your electric skateboards performance and experience greatly! For that reason we only recommend purchasing high-quality ESCs.

Different ESCs have different prices. But most of them range between $50 to $120. If you buy the ESC from a branded store, then they are a little more expensive than other stores at most times, because they have a quality warranty. Great ESC can handle bigger electric skateboard battery packs, as reflected by the “series” of batteries they can handle. It’s wise to always try to stay above 120 amps when choosing ESCs because they are built to withstand higher currents and can therefore handle lower ones far more reliably. However, cheap ESC may fail frequently. Additionally a high quality ESC is more powerful when the bigger ampere pass. On the contrary, a low quality ESC will let you down, because your ESC may fail even if you connect a high quality and large capacity battery into it.

In conclusion it’s better to buy a high quality ESC to have a smooth acceleration and braking experience. For example, both LingYi ESC and Hobbywing ESC are popular and hot sale for e-skate. Therefore, you should definitely look at those companies if you’re doing some DIY work.

Meepo :)