Gone are the days of a long and boring commute, the Meepo Electric Skateboard helps make your commute fun and exciting. Now you can weave through traffic with ease and style. Weekend excursions have just gotten more exciting as you skate through your city and take part in local group rides. Meepo’s reason for being is address with all your mobility needs. For the past 6 years, we help people pick their very first electric skateboard giving them access to the world of E-Skateboards

We have 4 E-Boards to choose from, let us help you pick the right one for you. From Meepo Shuffle S, Meepo Mini 2S, Meepo Mini Dual and Meepo Hurricane - they give you the freedom to skate where you need to go offering the best- in class performance, design and quality. These electric longboards are available in various price points that will address your individual needs.

Our innovation is always advancing to ensure we keep us with your ever changing needs and our job is not done until we have satisfied consumers.

What sets Meepo apart? We are always innovating, with ourR & D department introducing several new models a year. Our designs are thought out to ensure we bring the best performance, design and quality. Our R & D teams are real E-Skateboard fanatics and they know what is needed to set our boards apart. All boards from Meepo are manufactured from high-quality materials including bamboo, fiberglass and Canadian Maple.