Meepo Cyclone 165mm Racing Wheel Set

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Meepo’s new Cyclone 165s Wheels are the next step in upgrading your Hurricane* to reach its full potential.

With both inner and outer bearings on the same block, the Cyclone 165s have the most phenomenal stability amongst every existing pneumatic wheel created for electric skateboards.

It features meticulously designed inner and outer tires working together to provide an astonishing 65mm wide flat contact patch.

If you are looking for an even more  comfortable riding experience with your Hurricane Board or to perform extreme racing manoeuvres, this is the perfect wheel for you.


*Boards from other brands or those that are custom built might also be compatible with the Cyclone 165s.

Diameter: 165*65mm
What’s included: 165mm wheel*4, 335-5mm belt*2, 60T pulley*2

Note: Delivered in roughly 15 business days after payment


What Our Riders Say?


Outstanding shock absorption

No matter how and under what conditions you ride your electric skateboard, the Cyclone 165 Wheels absorb shocks and vibrations while providing extraordinary rigidity and stability. 

Wide Wheelbase Provides Extra Stable Riding Experience

The wide wheelbase of the Cyclone Racing Wheels not only provides an extra stable riding experience. The design of these wheels also enables more torque and a powerful ride. 

Superior Grip On Every Terrain

The grip technology allows you to deal with every terrain - from bumpy roads to race tracks. Even under challenging conditions, the grip technology will give you the confidence to ride hard.

Premium Quality For Increased Lifetime 

Enjoy peace of mind and experience the premium quality of these unique racing wheels. We used only the best materials available to create a reliable product that is built to last.