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Get fast-loading AOL Mail, today's headlines and trending videos on your favorite smartphone and tablet. You'll receive instant push notifications for breaking news and incoming emails, and you can manage all of your phone and AOL contacts in one place. It's the best of AOL, on the go.

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The AOL app brings it all together on your mobile device

Organized, secure email

Quickly and easily stop spam with a single tap, and view all attachments, receipts in a single location. Plus, secure your inbox with your fingerprint, PIN or pattern.

Breaking news

Stay on top of the latest stories from politics, US and world news, sports, entertainment, finance, lifestyle and weather, all pulled from multiple, reliable editorial news sources.

Premium videos

Watch video clips, news, talk shows and more on a variety of topics including celebrity news, animals, cooking, gift ideas, feel-goods and top stories.

Check the weather

Get hourly and daily forecasts for your location or national weather. Plus, get customized notifications to meet your specific needs about the weather.

What's new

With a revamped design and new features, the all-new AOL can help you easily manage your digital life.

  • Package tracking

    The new "Packages" tab lists your upcoming and past deliveries for easy reviewing. No need for multiple apps to keep track of deliveries.
    package tracking feature
  • Advanced filters

    Sort by attachments, starred, unread, people, and travel at the top of your inbox.
    advanced filters feature
  • Unsubscribe suggestions

    Take control of your inbox with suggestions on emails to unsubscribe from.
    unsubscribe suggestions
  • Gift card management

    Find all of your gift cards in one convenient place, and forget the days of searching for lost gift cards.
    gift card management feature

Fast, secure and organized email

Get the AOL app—available on Apple iOS and Android.
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